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Our handpicked soccer resources are ideal for all levels of the game. Whether you are a player, referee or coach our platform aims to assist and inspire you in building confidence, changing behaviours and learning new skills.

What is Go Coach It?

We provide sports resources that allows coaches, players and referees to create content that can be shared all over the world. We want to improve learning and empower inspiration. Our philosophy is simple create, share, learn and inspire.


Create your own profile, post drills, exercises and videos to expand your portfolio.


Connect with fellow coaches so you can share ideas and content all over the world.


Use our content to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the game you love.


Reach your potential by building confidence, changing behaviours and learning new skills.

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Million involved in football
million registered players
Million coaches & Referees

Solving the problem

By continually working together with people within the industry, we've recognised these 6 areas are a problem for coaches around the world.

Lack of quality content

We ensure the content that we publish is at the forefront of the industry and will help coaches alike to improve their game.

Short on time

Time is precious, our platform allows you to search and view content on any device, anytime and anywhere in the world.

All in one place

Instead of searching multiple websites, we have brought everything you need in one place saving you time and effort.

Not enough qualified coaches

There are too many unqualified coaches at the grassroots level and we want to assist in improving education and personal development.

No means of collaborating

We allow you to connect with fellow coaches so you can share ideas and knowledge to improve the game.


The sporting world is ever-changing, be passionate about your trade by learning new skills to inspire yourself and others.

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